A mother preparing a meal with her children

Children learn by taking part in their everyday activities with people who are important to them. For this reason, FIPP services occur when your child is at home, childcare, or other places that are important to your family. FIPP team members do not need to bring toys or other materials to your home or take your child into another room for therapy; we work with you during an activity your family does often and support you in coming up with new ways to help this activity support your child’s learning and development.

FIPP team members are experts in many different areas, including therapy, education, nursing, and nutrition. After being referred to FIPP, you will work with our team to choose the person who best fits with your family and priorities. This person will have knowledge and expertise to help you and your child reach your goals.

Sometimes families need additional expertise. At FIPP, you always have access to our full team of professionals. Our team members meet at least weekly to support one another and share information. Your primary provider may be joined by another FIPP team member to answer a specific question, if needed. FIPP staff will also communicate with your child’s pediatrician, specialist, or other providers with your written permission to make sure that everyone involved in your child’s care is working together.

FIPP accepts payment in the form of Medicaid and private insurance. For families who do not have access to third-party payment, a sliding fee scale is available based on the family’s income and number of family members it supports. No child or family is refused services based on an inability to pay.