Doctor treating a child

They are Supportive

They come observe and give me individualized practical advice. They are supportive and make what we are going through feel normal. FIPP is empowering and the most helpful appointment in our schedule.

You are helpful

You are helping me learn about my pregnancy, my delivery, and then baby, after he is born.

You help me to learn

You help me to learn about my baby as a first time mom, because you answer my questions. You help me understand medical care and basic baby care. And, monthly changes for my baby. And, I’m enjoying learning so much at our visits.

You teach instead of drill us

You teach us instead of drilling him. And, we like that you come to us.

My life line

It has been a long time since we have had a little one. You help us remember what to do.

Very informative

Very informative and supportive to help us learn to care for our baby. And, it is awesome to see how my baby is growing and developing