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FIPP is committed to providing the finest professional development opportunities available using evidence-based adult learning strategies. FIPP provides professional development experiences from basic eLearning modules to intensive certification courses. We have a variety of onsite and online trainings available worldwide. We also offer continued individualized support for learners looking to apply what they have learned in their practice. Visit FIPP or take advantage of our online trainings and learn how to use evidenced-based practices in a real-life context.

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The Roadmap for Assessing Meaningful Participation (RAMP) is an assessment tool to assist parents and early intervention providers to identify and analyze interest-based opportunities to promote child development and functional participation prior to the development of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

The RAMP Manual
Contains instructions and conversation flow charts for using the RAMP to gather information about child interests and family routines, conducting a functional assessment, and generating child learning outcomes.

The RAMP Workbook
Contains organized space for practitioners to document child interests, family routines, and notes from the functional observation.

The next scheduled training is Spring 2022. Contact Sarah Sexton at the Family, Infant and Preschool Program or call 828-608-6700.

Application deadline for this institute is July 15. For more information about the institute and instructions for applying visit this link. https://fipp.ncdhhs.gov/prof-development/certifications-and-trainings/fidelity-coach-certification/

In celebration of 50 years of early intervention excellence, FIPP is hosting monthly webinars for the early intervention community. Each webinar features a hot topic in early intervention delivered by a past or present FIPP expert. https://fipp.ncdhhs.gov/fipp-50th-anniversary-webinar-series/